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Travel and Moving


If you are a frequent traveller or just can’t keep your feet on the ground you can never have to many great tips for travel destinations, price saving websites, or helpful advice. So we have added some time and money saving tips for travelling around Europe.

• Use the Metro (inner city subway)
The metro is subway that is a popular way to get around it so reliable that half of the commuting in major cities completely uses public transport. Tickets are generally sold in an electronic kiosk and some require cash only so be prepared. Sometimes you can purchase metro tickets at a news-stand near the metro station.

• Take the train for longer distances or county travel
The train is mostly used for city to city travel or to longer destinations throughout Europe. For longer country destinations its best to buy a Euro rail pass. These passes can save you a lot of money if you would like to travel Europe and visit several locations. For one fixed price you can travel any time you want to within a designated amount of time to any destination your pass is valid. No booking or reservations needed.

• Buses are great options
Buses in Europe are very efficient and clean with generally very little waiting times. Tickets can be purchased at train stations, news paper stands, convenience stores and kiosk. Keep in mind most train services stop between 11pm and midnight so bus service is sometimes is a good alternative.

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